Monday, February 28, 2011

American silver eagle coins- now is the right time to invest!

Coins have always been a potentially rewarding investment since ages. Earlier they were a part of the day-today lives but as currency papers have replaced metals, the demand for precious metals should have gone down but on the contrary, it is still growing. This bullish trend on precious metals like gold and silver has really triggered retail investors into gold and silver bullion trading. American eagle silver bullions of late have become very popular among the investors because of both its metal value and the face value too.
Silver bullion is available in two most common forms one being silver bars and the other being silver coins. There are various kinds of silver coins available to purchase and the American Silver Eagle is one of its kind, which was issued by the United States Mint in the year 1986. It is the official silver bullion coin of the United States. It bears the “Walking Liberty” symbol on its face and continues to retain its pride of place even today.
Each American Silver Eagle contains an ounce of silver and has specification for its accuracy in weight, content and purity. These are directly issued by the United States Mint and are minted to exact specifications with guarantee from the US government for its purity, weight and content. These coins are not sold directly to the people by the mint. The US government distributes them to a network of authorized bullion agencies certified by the government. The bullion dealers buy the coins in bulk from the government and in turn sell them to further bullion dealers, coin dealers and the general public.
These American Silver eagle coins can be purchased in several modes. For instance, bulk purchases can be made through the “Monster Boxes”. They are actually a bulk consignment of silver eagles. They contain 25 rolls of bundle and each roll with 20 coins. Anything bought in bulk has lesser cost when compared to buying in smaller quantities. Hence, these “Monster Boxes” would cost you lot lesser than buying in retail singles. However, not many can afford to buy such huge quantities and only bullion dealers usually do this. Small investors usually purchase smaller rolls containing 20 coins in them and will fall within the budget of a common retail investor. These attract a higher cost and are to be borne by the retail investor obviously.

The price rise of silver has surpassed that of gold in the last decade and this is expected to continue in the same trend in the near future too. Looking at the steep bullish trend in the prices of gold and silver, making a decision to invest in silver is pretty easy. The annual sales of bullion silver eagle reached an all-time high in 2008 showing clearly that investors want to pile up precious metals owing to the volatile trend in stock markets worldwide. Now, in February 2011, the silver eagle has again created records for yet another all-time high sales of 6,422,000. This has also come surprisingly at a time when silver prices all over the world have gone down by 9 percent.

Hence, to wrap it all up, investing in the American silver eagle coins is bound to be a sure-shot investment for any kind of investor.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What are American silver eagle coins?

American silver eagle coins are one of the most sought after investments today. They have good face value as well as metal value. There are two kinds of investors; the serious ones are only bothered about the pure metal that is present in the coins whereas the second type is the coin collectors. These numismatics collect the American eagle coins as a part of their collection and their value keeps on increasing a coin gets older or has a rare design or a sometimes even a misprint.

Though there were many other silver coins before, American silver eagle coins started their journey just about twenty-five years ago in the year 1986. These were initially made in the city of New York but later on, many other govt. mints started making these in America. These coins are available either as a proof or as bullion. The latter ones are more popular and has about 99.99% pure silver in them

Silver Eagle coins worth keep increasing day after day and there is no doubt in saying that silver is one of the wisest investments anyone can make today. You can sell them any day when you are in need of urgent money and you will get returns at the current price of pure silver on that day according to the weight of pure silver that is present in the coins.

There is some debate whether to go for silver coins or silver bars but the reasoning is simple. If you are considering simple long-term investment and aren't looking for selling it in parts then bars are good for you. However, if you are a coin collector and want to bet on the face value of the coin and with a possibility that you might want to sell them later on in parts, then you must go for silver coins.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tips in Buying Silver Bullion

Computers and internet has made buying silver bullion so easy that anyone can simply log on to the internet, search for an online dealer and buy silver online. Now that sounded pretty simply is not it. However, the difficult task is finding the right dealer who gives you the right silver bullion and where you get the proper value for money.

If you are considering investing your hard-earned money on silver bullion, then make sure you get the best possible deal. It is always good to look around and search for many dealers who have silver bullion for sale. A dealer can charge anything above the set spot price for a bullion bar and you need to find the right dealer who is not over charging you and giving you the best price.

Therefore, it is always best to find the spot price of the silver bullion before you start searching for silver bullion sale on the internet. Google it and you will know what the current spot price is prevailing for that day. You can get the spot price even in the daily newspaper in the last pages where stock market is listed.

Spot price of silver bullion that you see on the internet or the newspaper is for 99.99% pure silver. So make sure that the silver bullion that you are planning to purchase is also that pure. When purity of the silver bullion goes down, then the price should also be lower than the spot price. Make sure to check the purity levels mentioned in the details of that particular bullion bar. You might be paying for a 99.99% pure bullion bar but in reality you might have got silver which is just 90% pure. So be sure to double check on that.

If you are offered a good deal in the flea market, remote possibility is that you might be lucky. Most of the times such silver bullion coins turns out to be fake or with lots of impurity in it. So be cautious when you are buying in such local markets.

If given a chance between coins and bars, always choose to buy bars. This is particularly applicable when you are planning to buy silver in large amounts as bars weigh more and are easy to mange unlike the coins. End of the day when you are planning to sell silver its only the weight that matters the most and the purity of the silver in it.

No one can surely say if silver is the best form of investment but then it sure has better chances of returns than other investments. Happy investing!!

After Gold, Silver Bars Strike In

With the ever improving global market, silver is quickly catching up with gold as an essential commodity of investment. Although, it might never beat gold or platinum, more and more people are buying silver bars as a primary or secondary form of investment. The main reason for this would be its market price when compared to an equal amount of gold. Traders, investors or buyers use the Gold/Silver ratio as an analytical tool to appreciate the market price of the commodity.

Nowadays, many banks and financial institutions have started selling silver bars along with Gold. There is said to be an increase in its sales during festive periods, wedding seasons, etc. which clearly speaks about its growing popularity. As a trading commodity, buyers and sellers of the commodity market have included silver in their daily business deals. They buy different weights of silver bars – 50g, 100g, 500g, and 1kg – at a particular rate and then sell them later for a good profit. However, only good quality silver fetches a good price. Therefore, traders usually deal in 24 Carat and 99.99% pure silver.

This trend of dealing is very common around the wedding season when people gift their friends and relatives silver coins and bullion, chains, jewelry, or glasses. In India, gifting a silver ornament or a silver bar at a wedding or on a birth of a child is considered to be quite auspicious, and is still a common practice in many places. Usually, a good quality silver bar or coin is available in tamper-proof certified card packs to signify the highest level of purity as per international standard. Such packs are available at all banks, jewelry stores, and the commodity market.

If one intends to get into trading silver bars or wants to buy silver for an upcoming occasion, it is advisable for to study the market price, past and future price variations and the quality, before making a deal.