Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gold Bullion Prices

In the wake of the recent recession and the current international debt crisis, economic volatility has hit unprecedented highs. Even the best hedge fund traders find it difficult to make money in an economic environment such as this, which puts the retail investor at a serious disadvantage. However, there are many recession proof investments that have stood the test of time and allow investors to make money in even the most volatile of financial environments. One of these investments is gold, which has seen incredible support in the past three years, with a rise in price of 250%.

Aside from gold being one of the historically recession proof commodities, there are other factors which make gold an especially attractive investment in the wake of the current recession. As the US dollar becomes more and more devalued based on the printing of trillions of new dollars, gold, which is historically seen as moving against the price of the dollar, will continue to hit new highs.

Also, the Federal Reserve has been seen to hold down interest rates artificially. However, Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve have already admitted that they will have to raise these rates to market value in the near future, which will further increase the price of gold.

As investors choose their financial vehicles to invest in gold, it must be said that some are better than others. Gold, like all investments, has its derivatives in paper stocks that people trade in the form of ETFs and CDSs. However, these derivatives do not always follow the true price of gold as they are susceptible to the pull and tug of market forces.

The most steady investment in gold has always been to buy gold bullion or buy gold coins. Ownership of actual gold instead of a gold derivative insurers that your investment goes up at the same time that the market price of gold goes up. There is no market pressure, and the short term buying and selling of individuals cannot affect your investment in any way. It is because of this that many of the ultrarich such as currency expert George Soros have decided to diversify their portfolios by investing in actual gold pieces directly instead of investing in gold through the stock market.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Buying Gold Bars - What You Should Really Know

The majority who choose to try investing think basically of stocks, bonds and similar types of instruments. Many would like to buy gold bars, but are unsure of where to start. Others may wonder if they're advantageous or why they are of any seriousness, since most people aren't used to trading in metals. These bars are made from pure gold, and always have the purity and weight stamped on them. Each also has its own registration number for identification and authentication purposes. These features allow the bars to be easily identified and verified as being authentic.

When you purchase gold bars, you will realise that they can be gotten in a few sizes. Tiny bars weighing about an oz or kilo are sometimes called biscuits. Many people who own these smaller bars put them in their homes. Because of their small size, they are also easy to carry about. Massive bars, frequently called ingots, are usually stored in banks, instead of in private homes. To avoid security issues which will arise when transporting them, ownership papers are often transferred without the bars leaving their storage location. Many backers collect their biscuits and strips over a period.

These bars are refined in numerous countries around the planet. Though many prefer gold bars made in the US, there are some made in other nations that have a high value among financiers. Bars that weight in at 400 ounces are often made in the UK. Tezabi bars that are made in Pakistan have a high purity rate, and the quality is equivalent to that of gold coins employed in antiquity. There are bars originating in Switzerland that are quite famous for the holographic photographs that are placed on them. You'll find that there is a large array to select from.

If you've made a decision to buy gold bars, you'll need to find a credible dealer to buy them from. Always find out what their policies are concerning payment, buying products back and privacy. You do not want to put your trust in a dealer who doesn't follow sound business practices. It mostly helps to find out what kind of reputation they enjoy with prior shoppers. When possible , you would like to do business with an organization that has representatives available who can be reached by telephone or net chat at convenient hours. This may increase your likelihood of having a pleasant purchasing experience with a company you can do business with again.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Buy Gold Bars Online - Top Tips You Need to Know

Gold bars are tangible, small and very easy to move. So, if you buy gold bars, you can actually take advantage of one of the most effective ways to invest in gold today.

A lot of people mistakenly believe that buying gold is the same as buying bonds or stocks, or that they should invest in gold stocks instead. However, the truth is that gold holds the most value when people have it in their own personal possession. This means that the best gold investment would be to buy gold bars - and, now, you can buy them online.

Yes, just as with every other product out there nowadays, it is now possible to buy gold bars online. All you have to do is browse through various categories and look for the kind of gold bar that you would like to have. Fortunately, most of these gold bars will be very affordable. However, a lot of them might be quite expensive, too, due to the increasing demand for gold in today's day and age.

Now, because of this ever-increasing demand for gold, it might make sense to jump at the opportunity to buy gold bars online the minute you see any that you are interested in. However, it would be much more important to check whether the seller can be trusted first. To do this, just look for online testimonials or feedback about them. If you can't find any, then you might want to reconsider buying any of their products.

Shipping insurance would be another important thing to look out for when buying gold bars online. Make sure that you buy your gold bars from somebody who specifies their insurance costs. Normally, the information on this should be found on the seller's webpage, but if you they aren't there, you might want to think twice before committing yourself to their products.

Overall, though, it would be a great idea to buy gold bars online. In fact, by taking full advantage of what online marketplaces have to offer nowadays, you can get your gold bars with both ease and speed. What more could you possibly want?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Keep This In Mind When Buying Silver Rounds

Buying any form of silver to make a successful investment does require a bit of thought beforehand. First of all, there is the question of whether you will be buying silver rounds or bars. When we speak about silver rounds, it is simply another way of saying silver coins, although there is some argument that there is a slight difference. For example, some people feel that a silver round is almost a coin, except that it doesn't have an actual currency marking on it. Either way, the general accepted definition is that rounds and coins are pretty much the same thing. What is more important is the actual value of the silver, as this will dictate whether you make a decent profit or not if you are looking to buy silver as a way of investing.

One thing you will notice when you begin searching for silver coins is that they can come in the form of fine silver or junk silver. Now, when a person first hears the word "junk", it becomes very difficult not to devalue this type of silver. By thinking this way, you are in fact making a big mistake, because junk silver will still contain the actual value of silver. The reason why some silver rounds can be known as junk silver is because the design of the coin might be in poor quality. Therefore, in terms of premium value, the coin loses some value, but it does not mean that the actual price of silver will drop with these types of rounds. In fact, many people will buy junk silver rounds if they are solely focused on investing for the actual worth of silver and not the collectors' attributes of it.

The reason why junk silver rounds are so worthwhile buying is because they have such low premiums. In other words, you can purchase these coins at a price that is very close to the spot price of silver, which in turn ensures that when you do sell for investment purposes, you are in fact getting a bargain. Be very careful when on the search for any type of silver coins, as you will come across people that will try to sell you counterfeit coins. One way to ensure that this does not happen is by educating yourself as much as possible on the types of coins you are interested in purchasing. This can easily be achieved by going online and searching through many of the websites that offer this information. In fact, you will be quite surprised at just what you need to look at in order to find out what truly makes a coin authentic or fake. In the end, the whole purpose of purchasing silver is so that you can hedge against negative circumstances that could arise in your life, which is the reason why it is important to only purchase authentic silver bars or coins.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Investing in 1 Oz Silver Coins

Investing in silver bullion is a serious deal and one must be really careful before and while they are dealing with the seller. The risk is even more if you are planning to buy online as you will not be able to physically meet up with the person you are dealing with and the risk of dealing with a brick and mortar shop is lot less than the online dealer. 1 oz silver coins are the most commonly bought silver bullion from the online sellers and the regular bullion dealers. This is mainly because buying them is a pretty cheap affair and one can buy as little as one coin. But if you are looking to invest in similar size gold coin, it would cost you lot more than the silver.

1 oz silver coins are made both by the government mint as well as many other private mints in USA. Those which are minted by the government are commonly called as American eagle silver bullion coin and those by the private ones are called as silver rounds. Almost both of them are made to the same exact specifications but then the finishing of the American eagles will be excellent with front of the coin with walking liberty engraved on it and the other side with an eagle with wide spread wings and stars above it. It is because of these extra works on the precisely made coin, the cost of American eagles is lot more than the generic silver rounds. Silver rounds are just plain simple coins made with silver of 99.99% purity and one troy ounce weight exactly like that of the govt. silver coins.

Coins issued by the government mint are of three types mainly, the regular silver coins which are circulated, the ones which are special edition or uncirculated limited coins and the proof coins. If you are regular investor who is interested in only the silver contained in the coin and nothing else, then you should go the regular in circulation silver coins. The special edition coins and the uncirculated coins are of interest for those who are into silver coin collection. Collectors would love to pay any extra premium to get their hand on that very rare special edition 1 oz silver coins which are specially released for a particular occasion and in limited number. Sometimes particular batches of coins which have been misprinted gets released into circulation and get discontinued immediately after finding it out. Such coins which go into circulation will have a huge demand among the numismatics. Proof coins are the regular silver coins but the image on the coin being more clear and appreciative. They got better mirror like finish and looks very attractive. This is achieved by striking the die twice or thrice on the blank coin to get a good image of the die.

Before you buy a 1 oz silver bullion coin or a bar, make sure you check for the sign of authenticity that is present on the coin. Do look for the warranty card if there is any provided with it. Check if the weight of the silver is exactly one ounce or not. With a little know how and caution you can happily invest in 1 oz silver coins and wait for the profits to knock at the door. The bells are surely going to ring as the price of silver has not seen a downfall for a very long time and there is no possible chance of going into losses.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Silver Bullions and the Numismatics Affair

One of the rare hobbies which not only gives the pleasure of doing it but also becomes a source of income after a while is coin collection. But not all numismatics tend to get this opportunity, it’s only those who are particularly interested in collection of silver coins. These coins which are often referred to silver bullions are coins made up of pure silver and have a good face value as well as metal value to it. Coins which are rarer tend to get lot more price as it gets older and this is where the coin collectors reap the benefits.

Investing on silver bullions is always a good form of back up that can support you in times of need. Both silver and gold bullions are available but silver is lot more preferable than gold if you are starting up with smaller amounts. Silver coins are cheaper to buy and the price increase is lot more than that of gold. The price of a silver coin goes higher and higher as it get older and rarer. Consider your great grandfather had a few dozens of them and you found the box in which he stored them, then you are sure to hit a jackpot. The price of an ounce of silver has increased in multitude of times and continuing even today. When investing in silver bullions in the form of coins, make sure you do some market research about the coins that you are going to purchase so that you are not fooled. Have firsthand information of the various kinds of rare silver coins and their market value from the analysts. This will surely help you when you are considering buying or selling them.

Buying silver bullions in bulk is always a good option and it is said that you should put in as much amount as you can afford to, when you are buying in silver bullions. This is because once you buy it and keep it aside, the value keeps on increasing on and on. So it’s like a money tree that will keep growing in multiples. That’s the reason why it’s always best to buy all that you can afford at once. This is especially true if you are considering using silver bullions as a means of investment. The more you have the more you will reap.

Coin collectors who purchase silver bullions as a part of their collection will not look for the silver that is present in it but for the history that is attached to it. Such people pay a lot of money to get a single coin of the same one ounce weight just because there is a history attached to it. If you are the lucky guy who is willing to sell such coin, then your coin collection surely will pay you well.