Wednesday, February 2, 2011

After Gold, Silver Bars Strike In

With the ever improving global market, silver is quickly catching up with gold as an essential commodity of investment. Although, it might never beat gold or platinum, more and more people are buying silver bars as a primary or secondary form of investment. The main reason for this would be its market price when compared to an equal amount of gold. Traders, investors or buyers use the Gold/Silver ratio as an analytical tool to appreciate the market price of the commodity.

Nowadays, many banks and financial institutions have started selling silver bars along with Gold. There is said to be an increase in its sales during festive periods, wedding seasons, etc. which clearly speaks about its growing popularity. As a trading commodity, buyers and sellers of the commodity market have included silver in their daily business deals. They buy different weights of silver bars – 50g, 100g, 500g, and 1kg – at a particular rate and then sell them later for a good profit. However, only good quality silver fetches a good price. Therefore, traders usually deal in 24 Carat and 99.99% pure silver.

This trend of dealing is very common around the wedding season when people gift their friends and relatives silver coins and bullion, chains, jewelry, or glasses. In India, gifting a silver ornament or a silver bar at a wedding or on a birth of a child is considered to be quite auspicious, and is still a common practice in many places. Usually, a good quality silver bar or coin is available in tamper-proof certified card packs to signify the highest level of purity as per international standard. Such packs are available at all banks, jewelry stores, and the commodity market.

If one intends to get into trading silver bars or wants to buy silver for an upcoming occasion, it is advisable for to study the market price, past and future price variations and the quality, before making a deal.

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