Monday, February 28, 2011

American silver eagle coins- now is the right time to invest!

Coins have always been a potentially rewarding investment since ages. Earlier they were a part of the day-today lives but as currency papers have replaced metals, the demand for precious metals should have gone down but on the contrary, it is still growing. This bullish trend on precious metals like gold and silver has really triggered retail investors into gold and silver bullion trading. American eagle silver bullions of late have become very popular among the investors because of both its metal value and the face value too.
Silver bullion is available in two most common forms one being silver bars and the other being silver coins. There are various kinds of silver coins available to purchase and the American Silver Eagle is one of its kind, which was issued by the United States Mint in the year 1986. It is the official silver bullion coin of the United States. It bears the “Walking Liberty” symbol on its face and continues to retain its pride of place even today.
Each American Silver Eagle contains an ounce of silver and has specification for its accuracy in weight, content and purity. These are directly issued by the United States Mint and are minted to exact specifications with guarantee from the US government for its purity, weight and content. These coins are not sold directly to the people by the mint. The US government distributes them to a network of authorized bullion agencies certified by the government. The bullion dealers buy the coins in bulk from the government and in turn sell them to further bullion dealers, coin dealers and the general public.
These American Silver eagle coins can be purchased in several modes. For instance, bulk purchases can be made through the “Monster Boxes”. They are actually a bulk consignment of silver eagles. They contain 25 rolls of bundle and each roll with 20 coins. Anything bought in bulk has lesser cost when compared to buying in smaller quantities. Hence, these “Monster Boxes” would cost you lot lesser than buying in retail singles. However, not many can afford to buy such huge quantities and only bullion dealers usually do this. Small investors usually purchase smaller rolls containing 20 coins in them and will fall within the budget of a common retail investor. These attract a higher cost and are to be borne by the retail investor obviously.

The price rise of silver has surpassed that of gold in the last decade and this is expected to continue in the same trend in the near future too. Looking at the steep bullish trend in the prices of gold and silver, making a decision to invest in silver is pretty easy. The annual sales of bullion silver eagle reached an all-time high in 2008 showing clearly that investors want to pile up precious metals owing to the volatile trend in stock markets worldwide. Now, in February 2011, the silver eagle has again created records for yet another all-time high sales of 6,422,000. This has also come surprisingly at a time when silver prices all over the world have gone down by 9 percent.

Hence, to wrap it all up, investing in the American silver eagle coins is bound to be a sure-shot investment for any kind of investor.

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