Thursday, February 3, 2011

What are American silver eagle coins?

American silver eagle coins are one of the most sought after investments today. They have good face value as well as metal value. There are two kinds of investors; the serious ones are only bothered about the pure metal that is present in the coins whereas the second type is the coin collectors. These numismatics collect the American eagle coins as a part of their collection and their value keeps on increasing a coin gets older or has a rare design or a sometimes even a misprint.

Though there were many other silver coins before, American silver eagle coins started their journey just about twenty-five years ago in the year 1986. These were initially made in the city of New York but later on, many other govt. mints started making these in America. These coins are available either as a proof or as bullion. The latter ones are more popular and has about 99.99% pure silver in them

Silver Eagle coins worth keep increasing day after day and there is no doubt in saying that silver is one of the wisest investments anyone can make today. You can sell them any day when you are in need of urgent money and you will get returns at the current price of pure silver on that day according to the weight of pure silver that is present in the coins.

There is some debate whether to go for silver coins or silver bars but the reasoning is simple. If you are considering simple long-term investment and aren't looking for selling it in parts then bars are good for you. However, if you are a coin collector and want to bet on the face value of the coin and with a possibility that you might want to sell them later on in parts, then you must go for silver coins.

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